Unlocking Potential

Unlocking Potential is a cutting-edge and powerful people analytics platform.

It is helping organisations of all kinds, big and small, to seriously optimise their workforce.

Unlock a previously unattainable level of business agility with Unlocking Potential.


Unlocking Potential's Secret?

Unleashing the Power of People Analytics.

People analytics is a powerful tool used by the people who want to scale strategic collaboration to increase engagement, agility and impact.

Uptil now, the science behind people analytics has been reserved for data scientists and programmers. Unlocking Potential is a tool that puts that power in the hands of everyone, at all levels of an organisation.

It works by creating a digital model of an organisation’s ecosystem (the people related to your company) and then analysing it to deliver unique and powerful insights that help you make your company as agile as possible in as little time as possible. The same insights also empower individuals to make changes that can boost their career opportunities. 

Unlocking Potential uses tech to enable the anlysis of intangible assests you normally can’t measure so that it becomes possible to incentivise behaviour that promotes business agility and performance.

#1: Social Network Visualisation

Some of the biggest barriers to collaboration are related to the structure of the organisational ecosystem.

Things like silos, employee isolation, unoptimised flow of information, misalignment of objectives. These barriers to collaboration are hard to detect with more traditional methods and can miss important details.

With Unlocking Potential’s network visualisation tools, the most damaging of these points of friction become immediately, visually obvious.

No more guesswork – know exactly where your bottlenecks are.

Benefits of Network Visualistion with Unlocking Potential:

  • Immediately identify collaboration friction points & how to address them.
  • Gain objective data on your company’s structure and agility.
  •  Identify unoptimised patterns of collaboration.
  • Identify paths to increased agility.

#2: Social Network Exploration

Some barriers to collaborat are near impossible to detect and address without people analytics, even with an in-depth personal knowledge of your people.

Things like:

  • How demographics plays a role in causing silos in different departments.
  • The quality of relationships between stakeholders and investors.
  • How a particular departmental hierarchy affects information flow.
  • How the culture of two different departments affects the quality of their connectivity and decision making.
  • And much more (each company is different, so there are an infinite number of unique insights).

With Unlocking Potential’s network exploration tools, you can discover the nuances of your own network and unlock insights about the most complex aspects of the organisational ecosystem.

Benefits of Network Exploration with Unlocking Potential:

    • Explore the hidden nuances of your organisational ecosystem.
    • Identify the most complex and hidden barriers to agility.
    • Interact and explore the nuances that you think are relevant and not just what is provided on a report like other network analysis companies.

#3: Ecosystem Design

Once you have identified the barriers to collaboration through network visualisation and exploration, Unlocking Potential also helps you fix them.

This is done by facilitating the design of your ecosystem for maximum alignment with organisational and team objectives.

Unlocking Potential helps you to design your company ecosystem to avoid common bottlenecks as well  as barriers unique to your company ecosystem.

Benefits of Ecosystem Design with Unlocking Potential:

  • Avoid redundant communication efforts
  • Improve slow and bad decision making & problem solving
  • Increase efficiency of resource allocation for agility.
  • Address complex and unique agility barriers (e.g. internal silos, mergers, employee isolation, lack of diversity, etc.).


#4: Agility Benchmarking

Unlocking Potential has developed a unique, science-backed, system of measuring the agile ‘health’ of a company based on six different and easily understood people analytics metrics.

These six metrics allow anyone to identify the agility of a company at a glance, including executives, investors, shareholders, etc.

This means everyone can be on the same page when discussing the agility of the company.

This also allows for benchmarking, because you can test the agility of a particular business and see exactly where it stands as compared to others.

Benefits of Agility Benchmarking with Unlocking Potential:

  • Immediately see the agile ‘health’ of a company in six areas.
  • Easily compare the agility different ecosystems, e.g. between two departments in a company, between two subsidiaries, between companies in the same industry, or even across different industries.
  • Six indicators provide an agile standard for everyone to discuss business agility from the same base understanding.

#5: Dynamic Dashboard

Have all the relevant information in one central location, neatly organised so you can make the most difference in the least amount of time.

Visualisation and exploration tools, insights, data, and the six metrics, all in one place.

People managing the network get a full-featured dashboard with all the data, insights and tools.

Anybody else involved gets a personal dashboard that helps them assess and improve their own personal role and impact on company agility.

Benefits of the Unlocking Potential Dynamic Dashboard:

  • User friendly interface for all company agility work.
  •  Get important insights with a single glance.
  • Provides a way for individuals involved in the network to improve their personal role in company agility.

#6: Real-Time Results

Our analysis happens instantaneously. You can see the changes happening in real time as the data gets added and updated.

Watch the connections being made in real time and start improving your performance immediately.

Benefits of Unlocking Potential's Real-Time Results:

  • Watch the connections being made in real time.
  • Get insights within seconds of data being uploaded.
  • Don’t have to wait weeks for a non-interactive report to be generated.
  • Start improving your agility immediately.

#7: Scalability Testing

With Unlocking Potential you can first test strategies on a small scale to see how the six network metrics are affected before scaling.

With this evidence, you can know exactly where and how you can make the biggest improvement, and then confidently scale the strategies to make huge company-wide improvements.

Benefits of Scaling Agility with Unlocking Potential:

  • Test agile strategies on a small scale and detect hard-to-see results with people analytics.
  • Easily find evidence to support your scaling confidence.
  • Make company-wide agility improvements with confidence of positive results.

#8: Hybrid Data Gathering

Unlocking Potential uses a unique hybrid approach to data gathering.

Active data is rich data that comes directly from people involved in the ecosystem.

Passive data is data already stored digitally in communications platforms such as Slack or Outlook.

We collect data fusing both methods, seamlessly integrating the two sources of data.

This means you start getting results instantly from the passive data, and it just gets richer as the active data gathering gets updated.

Using Unlocking Potential you don’t have to make a compromise on speed or quality because you get both.


Benefits of Unlocking Potential's Hybrid Data Gathering:

  • Results are instantaneous and accurate.
  • Results are also in-depth, high-quality, and nuanced.
  • Faster and more detailed than any other available method.

#9: Automatic Report Generation

Generate customisable and tweakable reports on the state of your company’s agility at the press of a button.

Reports are highly intuitive with lots of visuals and concise explanations meaning that executives, shareholders, investors, etc., can quickly grasp the specifics of the situation.

Benefits of Unlocking Potential's Automatic Reports:

  • Save countless hours of manual report creation.
  • Easily understood by relevant parties to get everyone on the same page.
  • Demonstrate evidence for scaling agility efforts.
  • Immediately convey concepts and ideas to get buy-in for proposals.

Unlocking More Than Potential

Improve Agility Beyond Natural Limits

Unlocking Potential Pro:

#10: Predictive Simulations

With Unlocking Potential Pro you can test out how an intervention will play out in your company ecosystem before physically implementing it.

Test Agility Strategies

Quickly test how different strategies will affect your network and decide on the best path before you put any time or resources into physically carrying out the strategy.

Cut out months or even years of in-person testing by using our predictive simulations.

Test Scaling Strategies

Similar to the previous point, you can test out how a strategy will affect you if scaled to the entire company.

Find the best strategy to scale with very little time & effort and without risking the livelihood of the entire company and everyone in it.

Avoid Deadly Mistakes

Being able to predict how a strategy will pan out means you can optimise for the best path forward and also save your company from deadly mistakes before they even happen.

Use our predictive simulations to gain confidence in your strategies and painlessly scale to levels of agility that are beyond our natural human limits.

Feature Summary:

1: Social Network Visualistion

Identify major agility barriers.

2: Social Network Exploration

Identify complex, nuanced and unique agility barriers.

3: Ecosystem Design

Fix the identified bottlenecks to agility.

4: Agility Benchmarking

Calculate the six agility indicators to identify your agility status instantly.

5: Dynamic Dashboard

All your data, insights and tools in a single central location.

6: Real-Time Results

Get insights instantly for immediate implementation.

7: Scalability Testing

Increase your chances of successfully rolling out agility strategies.

8: Hybrid Data Gathering

Results are fast, accurate and nuanced.

9: Automatic Report Generation

Create intuitive reports to save hours of manual work.

10: Predictive Simulations (Pro)

Hugely Accelerate Testing and Avoid Deadly Mistakes

People analytics is the tool of the people who break limits and redefine our world.