Culture Is Critical To Success in a Merger or Acquisition

Everyone knows how valuable a strong culture is, and yet culture is often seen as an intangible, something that is ‘woolly’ and hard to measure.

Predict The Outcome Of Major Business Decisions

The U>P platform makes these ‘woolly’ intangibles visible.

You can use the data to pre-evaluate a business, optimise your strategy pre-merger, or find opportunities to repair any relationship damage or fill gaps in the newly formed organisation.


Up to 90% of Mergers fail to integrate already established corporate missions under one roof.

By analysing the organisational ecosystems before and after interventions U>P can make a massive difference to the chances of their success.


When smaller organisations are acquired by corporations, the entrepreneurial spirt that helped make them successful is often lost in the process.

This can be avoided with careful planning based on insights from U>P.


Use U>P insights to build action plans that build the agility and resilience necessary to prepare for and react to the unavoidable disruption inherent in integration.

U>P can help you to optimise your company’s culture to help you improve your chances of success in major business decisions. You can arrange a free demo today where I will personally take you through the ins and outs of how U>P works: