How to Grow a Company by $1.2 Trillion in One Year

Is your organisation agile, innovative, creative and resilient?

Perhaps it’s time to take a leaf out of NVIDIA’s play book…

Most CXOs are fully aware that the performance of an organisation is directly and intrinsically linked to the interaction dynamics within their workforce. Peak efficiency in organisations is only achieved when employees experience satisfaction, demonstrate commitment, and are supported by strong interpersonal relationships. These are robust, high value, highly reciprocal relationships, that connect up to form a vibrant ecosystem within the organisation, enhancing wellbeing and increasing overall productivity.

Design an artistic illustration featuring four hands positioned in a square formation, each shaking one of the others, conveying a powerful sense of unity and mutual support. Around these interlocking hands, include abstract, flowing lines and patterns that emanate energy and vibrancy, symbolising the dynamic nature of strong reciprocal relationships. The artwork should be rich with colour and have an energetic feel, with the abstract lines connecting the hands, further enhancing the theme of interconnectedness and cooperation.

Collaboration as a strategic asset.

Consider NVIDIA, a stellar example of organisational success, which saw its valuation soar by 250% to $1.2 trillion in 2023. CEO J. Huang attributes this phenomenal growth to the ‘strategic design of the organisation’s human ecosystems’. This is not a matter of chance but a deliberate strategy, underscoring the transformative power of well-designed social capital in driving corporate success. This approach is not just effective; it’s proven. And it’s time for more organisations to follow suit and harness the full potential of their social capital. View NVIDIA’s strategy:

Intriguingly, the importance of these high value, interpersonal connections, is typically underestimated. Social capital, the strategic value of relationship networks – unlike more quantifiable assets such as financial and human capital, which benefit from allocated budgets and specialised departments – frequently does not receive the same level of attention or resources.

This oversight can lead to numerous organisational issues, some of which can lead to terminal decline, including communication barriers, team misalignments , interpersonal friction, and ultimately, a higher rate of employee turnover. This neglect of social capital can, at best, undermine the potential for achieving optimal organisational performance, and at worst lead to the company going out of business. 

 Illustrate the concept of a declining company using the same artistic style as the previous image. Depict a fractured or incomplete corporate structure, represented abstractly by crumbling pillars or a disrupted geometric shape, such as a collapsing cube or a breaking wheel. The previously vibrant lines should now appear dimmed and disjointed, with colors fading from bright to dull, signifying the loss of vitality and disintegration. The background could feature abstract elements that suggest instability and chaos, like scattered particles and erratic, fading lines, encapsulating the essence of a deteriorating organisation.
An organisation in trouble.

At Nectis, we prioritise the strategic configuration and management of human interactions within organisational settings, to amplify performance and curtail operational costs. Our methodology orchestrates the relationships, interactions, and social assets among employees, teams, and departments – knowledge, experience, and skills – to ensure they are positively aligned with the organisation’s goals and operate in harmony.

Create an illustration that symbolises a thriving company with a healthy culture of wellbeing and collaboration, using the artistic style of the previous images. Portray a robust and dynamic structure, such as a solid, interconnected network or a rising sun, which represents growth and positivity. Surround the structure with radiant, harmonious lines and lush, vibrant colours that suggest a flourishing environment. Incorporate motifs of unity, like interlaced circles or overlapping patterns, that demonstrate seamless collaboration. The atmosphere of the image should be uplifting and energising, reflecting a space where wellbeing is nurtured and teamwork is celebrated.
A thriving organisational culture.

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