Making People Analytics Accessible

Unlocking the true potential of humanity.

The Founding Story

For 20 odd years our founder, Colin Campbell, developed and improved large and complex enterprise networks. During that time, he came to intimately understand that one of the most vital and complex tasks in business is the optimisation of its people.
Vital because the most powerful asset of any business is its people, and complex because networks of people have hidden, abstract and interdependent qualities that are constantly and rapidly changing (e.g. trust, diversity, inclusion, reciprocity, etc.).
In 2015 technology was finally at a place where the creation of a tool that could help people understand and even optimise their people for maximum performance was a real possibility.
So, armed with a unique set of skills, knowledge, experience and ambition, Colin set out to create a people-analytics dashboard-type tool that would actually be effective in business optimisation.
Now, we are proud to say that Unlocking Potential is helping large, complex, and growing groups, projects and businesses around the world deeply understand and optimise their social ecosystems for maximum performance.

The Mission

In the short term we are striving to put the serious power of people analytics into the hands of our users.
We want to provide the opportunity for large, complex, or growing groups, projects and organisations to deeply understand and optimise their people for maximum performance.
However, we believe in people and the planet. So the ultimate ambition is to contribute to unlocking the true potential of humanity and improve global wellbeing and happiness while also ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability.
Only our human species has the power to change these things, but we must do it as a collective. We must align ourselves to these critical goals to build a better future for ourselves and our planet. And that’s where we fit in, because people analytics is the best tool for aligning people to critical goals.
We know it’s a big ambition, but to us it’s worth the effort.

Core Team

CEO & Founder - Colin Campbell

20+ years in social ecosystem development in a vast array of different business & international contexts.

COO - Licia Claveria

20+ years in operations, highly experienced at keeping everything running smoothly.

CTO - Greg Muszynski

5+ years in software dev. 1st Class Honours with Merit from Aberdeen University in Computer Sci. & Maths.

CCO - Kerr Campbell

10 years in startups. Skilled at digital and traditional marketing, B2B development, and customer success.

Mentors & Advisors

Tech: George Christelis, Lex Holt, Sarah Rauchas, Bill Buchanan

Our tech strategy advisory team has a diverse, extensive and highly-qualified background. Together, they represent the cutting edge of the technological world.

Their experience includes: university professorships, employment at Skyscanner, Google, and Cloudreach, succesfully founding and exiting multiple tech companies, and world-leading cryptography research.

Business: Adam McGonigal, Carmen Matutes, and others

Our business strategy advisory team includes some of the most experienced experts in the world of tech enterprise, and of the business world as a whole, including:

Top players in tech enterprise including: tech startup growth and exit experts, Head of Innovation and People Development at Airbus, a Reader in economics at a top global university, and a well connected figure in the Silicon Valley startup scene.

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