Our Team

Colin Campbell
CEO & Founder: Colin has worked internationally in social enterprise for over 20 years, supporting companies, community organisations and government agencies to use social capital to deliver lasting change and community benefit.

He designed Scotland’s 24 Social Enterprise Networks to be the most interconnected social enterprise ecosystem in the world and proved it using U>P (SEN Pilot Report).
Greg Muszynski
Lead Developer: Greg has a 1st Class Honours Degree with Merit from Aberdeen University in Computer Science and Mathematics. Greg has been the lead programmer for U>P for the last 4 years.
Licia Claveria
Chief Operations Officer: Licia has HNDs in Business Management and Tourism from Barcelona. She also holds an Honours Degree in Medical Herbalism from Napier University.

She is highly skilled in keeping the business and team running smoothly, even in the challenging world of a start- up.

A Bit About Us

Most people are familiar with the term human capital. It neatly describes the value individuals provide to a business. However, increasing numbers of organisations are beginning to look at their social capital. Collecting data relating to social capital provides insight that can be used strategically to enhance alliances, collaboration and supply chains critical to success.

Skydivers ensuring their success by working togther.

Our Clients?
More Than A Number.

The introduction of new technologies and automation is increasing complexity in the workplace place and bringing a new emphasis on company culture and the need to better understand how to optimise employee engagement.

Traditional methods of centralised management and leadership tend towards increasing control in order to manage complexity, but this stifles innovation and ownership, as a result new tools that focus on enabling smart management of organisational culture are more important than ever.

Our Mentors:

Sarah Rauchas is a computer scientist, an artist and a teacher.

Sarah has worked as a researcher and a lecturer at University of London (and Goldsmiths College), and Glasgow University, Scotland.
Lex Holt has an extensive background in IT with experience working for the likes of Google and Skyscanner. Now at Cloudreach.
George Christelis: George is co-founder of a cross-platform, affordable remote support solution company based in Edinburgh.
Warren Puckett has been involved in technology since 1995. He has a background in fintech and cybersecurity.


We believe in collaboration and partnerships and love to work with other organisations working to make the workplace of the future more people friendly.

Get in touch if you would like to use U>P to help your clients grow their businesses.

Happy at work

You can now arrange a demo directly with me!
I'll show you the ins and outs of the U>P platform.
- Colin

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